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Copyright data collection exercise

Monday 16th January to Friday 24th February 2023

Writtle University College is asking you to support an exercise to record copies made of published works during a six-week period between Monday 16th January and Friday 24th February.

WUC holds a copyright licence that enables academics and support staff to photocopy, scan and re-use published material, such as books, journals and digital originals to support learning and teaching.  The information that we provide to the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) will enable them to pay royalties to the authors and publishers of the material that we are benefitting from in the course of our own work.  This is not an auditing or a policing exercise.

Who needs to record what they copy?

  • Academic teams or anyone copying on their behalf

  • Professional services such as marketing, finance, HR, the library

What do I need to record?

You will need to record copies taken from both print and digital content owned or subscribed to by WUC, as well as open and Crown copyright material, used in teaching or in the course of the delivery of professional services:

  • Books, magazines and journals, including extracts and line quotes

  • Copies of copies of the above

  • Copyright content transcribed and used in a printed resource such as a handout or presentation

  • Educational materials in the form of course packs, comprising multiple extracts from books, journals etc. alongside lecturer-prepared material. [Packs should support courses and modules being run during the 2022/23 academic year whenever they were produced or distributed, e.g. if the pack was created during a previous academic year but continues to be provided to students, it should be included].

  • Open resources and material from hybrid publications where a mix of copyright and OA content is included (particularly in journals or other collections)

  • Crown copyright material, unless published under the Open Government Licence

  • Resources provided to non-credit bearing students (e.g. short course participants)

  • Resources used or provided by professional services, such as press clippings used for marketing communications

  • On-copying of born digital material.  This is subject to the same terms as a photocopy under the CLA licence. 

How do I submit my data?

We anticipate that the majority of copying will take place at one of the campus copiers.  You will be able to use a new feature on PaperCut to submit your data.  Once you have made the copies you need:

  • Re-place your document in the feeder or on the glass

  • Select the Scan function

  • Select the CLA Copy option

  • Enter the number of people your copies will be shared with

  • Scan the document in the usual way

If you have made copies elsewhere, you should use the online reporting site Snap Survey.

Further instructions will be posted here and next to each copier in January.  If you have any queries, please contact Mary Davidson, WUC copyright officer.

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