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Photocopies and scans provided to students must be made in accordance with the Higher Education copyright licence that we hold with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).

In broad terms, this allows one chapter of a book, or one magazine/ journal article, or 10% of an entire publication (whichever is greater) to be copied or scanned.

CLA Higher Education Copyright Licence user guidelines (pdf)

Adding content to Moodle

If you want to provide access to an article from a subscribed journal, simply provide a hyperlink on Moodle for students to access themselves.  Ideally use the DOI (digital object identifier) URL provided.  Do not download and then upload this content.

Any other content that you would like to scan and share on Moodle must be owned or subscribed to by the library, or otherwise be in the public domain, open access or covered by an appropriate Creative Commons licence.  You are not permitted to upload content to Moodle that you have access to through another institution or is part of your private collection.

Digital Content Store (DCS)

The DCS is a searchable repository of digitised book and journal extracts. As it is provided by the CLA all content is copyright compliant.  As there are a number of HEIs using the DCS we also have access to a rich repository of existing resources.  We will be using the DCS to store our own digitised extracts.

If you would like to add content to Moodle you can send a request to the library and we will check permissions, digitise the content for you and provide a link to the extract for you to use within Moodle. Please use this request form (you will need to create an account first).

Adding content to Moodle flowchart (PDF)

If you have any doubts about what is, and isn't permissible, please email the library, and we will do our best to advise.

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